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 In the world's best gourmet luxuries with...


Harrods Storefront


  The world-famous Harrods department store and its equally well-known Food Hall have been a London shopping destination since its establishment in 1834 as a grocery and tea shop by Charles Henry Harrod in East London.

The Knightsbridge department store has grown into a brand recognized worldwide and remained at the height of British luxury retail.


Angelina Store Front

  Famous for its hot chocolate, the favorite drink of the Kings and Queens of France since it was first served at court in 1615, Angelina Paris has maintained the chocolate-making tradition of the 17th and 18th centuries.


Founded in 1903, the tearoom immediately made a name for itself as a refined gourmet institution, the place to be for the Parisian aristocracy.

The Palace of Versailles offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the refined world of Angelina.


Ladurée, the famous French luxury bakery and sweets company founded in 1862 - and one of Paris’ first “salons de thé” or tea salons - is one of the world’s best-known sellers of the “macaron” and other fine delicacies. 

Fortnum & Mason


   An iconic British brand and upmarket department store, Fortnum & Mason was granted a Royal Warrant in 1955, as “Grocers & Provisions Merchants” and “Tea Merchants. A fixture in Piccadilly since 1707, it is an essential London destination for all in search of extraordinary food and glorious gifts.



   Harvey Nichols, an upmarket department store located in Knightsbridge, London was made famous by the 1990s sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. Harvey Nichols is a Designer emporium popular with fashionistas, also strong on beauty products and gourmet food.

Ritz Paris


   The world is full of iconic hotels, from London’s Savoy to Venice’s Cipriani to Hong Kong’s Peninsula, but it is fair to say that the Ritz Paris is the most iconic of them all. It was the first namesake launch by the most revered man in hospitality history, Cesar Ritz, “The King of Hoteliers and the Hoteliers of Kings,” in partnership with one of the most famous culinary figures ever, Auguste Escoffier. Ritz, who was credited with coining the phrase, “The customer is never wrong,” wowed so many with this property that it eventually gave us the word “ritzy” for glamorous things and the notion of rolling out the red carpet by “putting on the Ritz.” While the Ritz Paris is not part of the Ritz-Carlton hotel group, that famous luxury brand also derives its name from Cesar Ritz and, in turn, his Paris landmark, the luxury hotel that spawned a world full of luxury hotels.



   Rougié, the Chefs foie gras, is now brought at the table of the discerning gourmets. For the house of Rougié, founded in France 140 years ago, the trust of the Chefs is a very high honor and an invitation to continue the pursuit of excellence, serving the French Haute Cuisine, the world’s top hotels, restaurants, and fine grocers. Rougié has been the founding sponsor of the Bocuse d’Or Academy awards gathering the world’s greatest chefs to demonstrate their skills since 1987, and created the unique Michelin-stared chefs led “Rougié Foie Gras School.” 



   Since its opening by American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, Selfridges has become a London landmark and is widely regarded as the first and finest example of a modern department store. Selfridges Food Hall has become equally renowned in its own right, famed for the sheer range of delicacies and delights.


The Wolseley


   Set beside some of London's best parks and home to world-class galleries, luxurious hotels, and famed thoroughfares, ultra upscale The Wolseley is one of London's most exclusive haunts. It combines British heritage with European grandeur, an all-day café-restaurant on London’s iconic Piccadilly. It is renowned for its spectacular interiors, immaculately presented classic food, and seamless service.


   Valrhona is the leading chocolate brand chosen by the top Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers worldwide. Valrhona is by far the largest producer of what we consider to be fine chocolate. To date, they are the only chocolate company able to offer chocolate that satisfies the palates of very particular chocolate connoisseurs.

Honors & Hampers partnered with the world's most famous brands to bring utter enjoyment for our most discerning gourmets, connoisseurs of finer things, and always have the perfect gift to show love and appreciation, celebrate or express one’s gratitude.
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