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Our Forever Roses also known as Eternity roses or Long lasting roses, are real roses that last years without water. The preservation process keep the roses looking fresh, bright and soft to the touch for as long as 12 months after they arrive at your door. The beautiful White hat box with gold foil details is simple yet very elegant - introduce an elelement of luxury to any space. 


All color tones of our roses are rich, due to the delicate yet robust and thick petals of the preserved flower healthy rose buds from Ecuador. They embody all the natural allure of fresh roses without any of the up-keep, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature for years without any kind of maintenance. They are a superb, one-time investment, bringing a bright spot of life and beauty right in your favorite room at home or a perfect gift to loved one. 


Honors and Hampers gifts want to be personal and be of the highest quality. We always include a gift note printed on luxury white wove handwriting paper imported from England. Our handcrafted premium hat box is made of hard premium materials to defy time, dressed elegantly with luxury fine grosgrain ribbons and artful bow ties. The complimentary stylish and premium quality non woven tissue tote bag will safely and most elegantly carry your delicate present.

Pearl Collection - Gold

  • 1 - 7-8 Preserved Roses 

    2 - Premium Handcrafted Bow Tie White and Gold  Hat Box 5x4 1/4"

    3 - Personalized Gift Note in Luxury Envelope

    4 - Premium Non Woven Tissue Tote Bag

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