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Honors & Hampers signature luxury gourmet gift baskets

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Honors & Hampers gifts want to be personal and synonymous with the highest quality.

We always include a gift note printed on luxury white wove handwriting paper imported from England. Our handcrafted premium boxes are made of solid materials that will defy time, also dressed elegantly in luxury delicate grosgrain ribbons and artful bow ties. The complimentary stylish and premium quality nonwoven tissue tote bag will safely and elegantly carry your fragile present.

Beauty, Quality, Superior Craftmanship

Honors & Hampers Signature Hat Box. Shop Now >

The Art of Giving
Honors Hampers Signature Marigold Luxury Hat Box decorated with honors and hampers branded premium gift gros grain red ribbons and gift bow ties

We love to create stunning gifts as much as we care for durability.

Only high-grade and premium materials are used to build our gift boxes.

Always aiming for excellence, our gift makers take pride in delivering an excellent product consistently, in the most delicate details, and meet the highest quality standards for the enjoyment of our most discerning and passionate customers.   

Introducing the Forever Roses

Beautiful single forever rose stem

We have created our new collection with flamboyant gifts, deliberately exuberant and yet graceful. Vivid colors, beautiful scents, velvet touch, exquisite flavors, and tastes have all been married in our signature boxes to celebrate the coming of Spring.


Honors & Hampers is pleased to introduce the "Forever Roses." They are grown in the mountains of Ecuador, where year-round sunshine, mineral-rich volcanic soil, and high-altitude breed big-headed, bright-colored and robust blooms.

Discover forever roses

How to care for your Forever Roses

The gorgeous bed of these long-lasting roses sumptuously crowns the Honors & Hampers Signature Hat Box. While their full bloom outstanding beauty has been preserved, the delightful scent of these real roses will also continue to persist and delight the senses as days go by.

Forever Roses are full of grace but delicate. Do not expose your flowers to direct sunlight or dust. Preserved Roses are real roses given the gift of eternity; never water them! They will let you enjoy their brilliance for at least a year or longer.

Forever roses care instructions.

  • Never add water. Forever roses do not need water to remain fresh for the years to come. 

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.

  • Always keep inside your home at room temperature. 

New 2020 collection of box of forever ro
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